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Refrigerant R407C

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Introducing Briton Refrigerant Product R407C

Briton R407C

Introducing Briton Refrigerant Product R134a

Refrigerant R134a

Briton R134A

Introducing Briton Refrigerant Product R404a

Refrigerant R404a

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Briton R404a

Introducing Briton Refrigerant Product R404a

Refrigerant R404a

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Briton R410a

Introducing Briton Refrigerant Product R404a

Refrigerant R404a

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Briton R22

Introducing Briton Map // Power Gas for Welding Works of AC Pipes

Map // Power

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Briton Map Gas

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Air Conditioner Refrigerant Gas

We are Dealer Distributor & Supplier of many Air Conditioner Refrigerants Gases in Dubai, all the mentioned brands are in stock.

What are the Refrigerants?

HFCs Gases for refrigerant, propellant and foam blowing applications with zero ODP and medium to high GWP

HFCs (hydrofluorocarbons) are the third generation of fluorine-based gases.

These products are categorized as having zero ODP (Ozone Depleting Potential) and medium to high GWP (Global Warming Potential) and so offer a more environmentally friendly alternative to CFCs and HCFCs. HFCs are used in a wide range of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment specifically designed for them, and as “drop in” retrofit gases for older CFC or HCFC equipment. HFCs are also used in selective propellant and foam blowing applications.

A growing focus on the environmental impact of refrigerants is fueling demand for refrigeration solutions that can provide satisfactory cooling performance with a lower impact on global warming. This is propelling environmentally friendly refrigeration solutions to the top of the corporate sustainability agenda. In addition, local legislation is increasingly targeting refrigerant gases with high GWP.

Linde offers a number of lower GWP HFC solutions, such as the use of R407A or R407F instead of R404A. For new equipment purchases, we also supply a wide range of HFC alternatives. These include HFO and natural refrigerants, both of which provide a viable, lower GWP alternative to HFCs.

Deals in R22, R134a, R410a, R407c, R404a, R11, R141b, R502, R1234y, R600a.

Briton Gas AE
Briton Gas AE

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